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Maybe this is the right place!

I have this (almost) drabble, and this is the first place I've found where it might fit. It's hardly buttsex, but, well, someone is itching for Johnny Depp! ;)

Warnings: Real PersonS, on the set of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Johnny is a tease, and Tobey is miserable.

Sprung from this tender moment:

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and JD's wonderful revelation in the commentary: *laughs* I almost kissed him there. If it weren't for that cigarette I would have kissed him. Something with that hairline just drove me wild. That's just... LMAO!!! (Quote completely from my memory, sorry if it's not exact).

A Trying Day for Tobey Maguire

He felt utterly left out. Terry Gilliam's high pitched laughter made him feel that way. Johnny and Benicio, half still in character (especially Johnny), made him feel that way. They were irritating. They made him feel inferior, and small. Especially Johnny. Johnny was nearer, teased him, had too much fun playing with him. It was painful to come closer when Terry summoned him. Especially since he wanted to kiss Johnny.

"One more time, boy! Up in the car, up in the car!" Terry shouted and bounced away to the monitor.

"Yes... IN!" bellowed Johnny (now fully in character), spanking him with that damned fly swatter. He climbed in, twitching nervously. If only Johnny would kiss him this time.
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