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Jack’s Treachery: II. The Captain’s Quarters

Title: Jack’s Treachery
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow / Will Turner (FPS)
Warnings: violence, non-con
Summary: Jack captures Will on the Black Pearl with a little help from Barbossa’s men to cover up his lascivious intents.
Disclaimer: At no point do I claim any form of ownership of any of the characters depicted in this piece. My representations of them are not necessarily indicative of the intentions of their original creators. The plot in which I place these characters holds no relationship to their original context. I make no profit from borrowed characters. Don’t sue me.
Word Count: This Chapter: 2,602 [Total: 15,489]
Notes: This story is assumed to take place sometime after Will and Jack commandeer the Interceptor, but before Will knows about the curse. Elizabeth is carried by Barbossa’s crew from the Pearl to the Interceptor after the Interceptor is captured and the Pearl returned to Jack as per their exchange. Will and Jack never arrive in Tortuga. Think of it as an alternate ending, if you will.
[This is the second chapter. There are three more, to be posted as this journal gets going.]

[Part I]

II. The Captain’s Quarters

When Will came to, he was chained by a single wrist to the bed in the Captain’s quarters of the Black Pearl. He was confused for a moment and then his memory came screaming back to him. Will gasped at the pain in his head. Jack looked up from the map he was studying when Will tested the strength of the chains and the headboard. Both solid metal. Will would go nowhere without taking the bed frame with him.

“Awake so soon, Mr. Turner? Feeling rested, are you?” Jack asked teasingly. Will spat at him, but Jack was too far away. Jack shook his head good-naturedly and picked up his chair, sauntering to the bedside. He put the chair down with a thud and sat in it gracefully. Will began to curse at him.

“Save your breath for better endeavors,” Jack advised. He got up and bent carefully over Will’s face. Jack put his hand firmly on the center of Will’s chest, taking care to be sure that Will was not in a position to overpower him unexpectedly.

“Are you quite ready, now, to behave as expected?” Will said nothing. Jack kissed him again forcefully, though with more care than last time, conscious of Will’s having been knocked out earlier. When Will laid still, Jack used his free hand to touch Will’s hair, removing an unruly curl from its ponytail and rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger before tucking it behind Will’s ear. Will’s pulse increased rapidly. He was so nervous that his head began to throb lightly, which served to disorient him even more. Will had never been embraced, even forcedly, and he could no longer help but to feel strangely excited by Jack’s knowing touch. Jack was obviously trying to be tender… Or to appear tender. Will turned his head away.

“When are you going to kill me?” Will panted. Jack nudged Will’s thigh over and sat on his haunches on the edge of the bed.
“I’m not going to kill you, luv,” Jack assured calmly. Will frowned deeply.
“You said you intended to eat me!”
“Aye, that I do.”
“Well, how aren’t you going to kill me then?!” Again Jack chuckled in his unnerving way.
“I’m not going to roast you like a hog. I’m just going to sample you a bit.”
“Ah, Jack! Kill me if you’re going to cut parts off me!”
“You’re daft, Will Turner.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean I’m only going to eat you like this…” And with that, Jack dipped his head down to Will’s chest, holding himself over Will with one hand and using the other to brush over Will’s open tunic. Jack ran his hot tongue over Will’s nipple.

Will’s eyes widened ridiculously and he twitched in a rather violent fashion, trying not to jump out of his skin. Will’s legs scrambled at the bottom of the bed and Will tried to push himself away from Jack, but without a second hand to help him, he didn’t get very far. With the hand that had been moving Will’s shirt, Jack held down Will’s hip and kept him from squirming into an upright pose.

Will laid tensely, unsure of whether he could move even if Jack wasn’t holding him in place. Will looked down at Jack’s theatrically decorated hair as it cascaded over his own chest. He was glad he couldn’t see Jack’s face. Will was terribly confused and Jack kept nibbling at him, making his breath hitch. Meanwhile, Jack was reasonably convinced that Will wasn’t going to attack him, so he carefully moved to straddle the boy.

Jack pushed Will’s legs together and sat on his hard thighs. Jack looked down. Will was most definitely not aroused, yet, and Jack was becoming annoyed. When Jack looked up again, Will had squeezed his eyes shut. Jack knew the feeling. Will was afraid to look at him because he was confused and embarrassed. That was fine. Jack could tolerate that. He took the opportunity to surprise Will with another kiss. This time, Jack didn’t have to pry Will’s mouth open. Jack wasn’t sure if Will was assenting or whether his mouth was just hanging open dumbly, but Jack didn’t care.

Will was quite overwhelmed. First he’d thought Jack intended to cannibalize him, now Jack was sitting on him, putting his tongue in Will’s mouth most sensually. Jack’s tongue was insistent, he held it at a point as if it were a sword. Will, however, could not muster the force to move his own tongue and so he was quite pliant.

Then, Will felt Jack’s hands begin to move. One went to the nipple which had become wet and cold and raised from Jack’s saliva. Jack toyed with it and Will felt heat spread through his body. The other hand slipped Will’s tunic from one shoulder and with flattened palm, ran down the length of his torso, pausing to squeeze the hip before moving upward and repeating the whole motion.

Jack was trying terribly hard to contain himself. He’d be willing to take what he wanted by force, but he’d rather if it were given… Even if that required a little bit of coercion. The waiting, however, was starting to get to him. Jack sat up and slid the fingers of one hand under the waistband of Will’s pants. Will pretended not to notice. Jack moved the second hand lower down Will’s body, to meet the first. Will still ignored him. Jack took this as permission to continue and he dipped his fingertips lower into the coarse texture of Will’s hair. For what seemed like the hundredth time, Will’s breath hitched and held. Will wanted to be touched. He’d never been touched. Surely any human contact would be better than none… But then he caught himself in the thought and chastised himself for being so immoral. He told himself that he didn’t want to be touched by Jack, only by Elizabeth whom he loved and cared for. He worried for her and Jack saw the frown.

Enough was enough. Jack had had it with playing fair. He adjusted his knees to shift his weight lower, and licked from Will’s bellybutton down to his pants. His fingers were deceptively nimble as he opened the pants and continued to slide his tongue lower. Will coughed out his held breath and clenched his fists. His thoughts of Elizabeth disappeared and he concentrated on Jack’s tongue for a moment. Again he caught himself and tried to divert his attention. He tried to focus on the texture of the chain on his wrist, the rocking of the ship, anything… He opened his eyes to memorize the pattern of the wooden ceiling, but just then Jack’s tongue had reached the most indecent place Will could imagine.

Jack flattened his tongue against Will’s half-hardness. Luckily for Will, Jack’s hair obscured most of Will’s view, otherwise Will might have lost his resolve immediately. Will knew that to have Jack anywhere near this particular area was a very serious sin, but he was unable to stifle the choked “oh!” that escaped him when Jack finally touched him. Will stiffened unlike he thought himself capable of. The response was visceral, and nothing he tried to direct his mind to could thwart it. It was almost too much to bear. Jack pulled his mouth away, then, and Will could feel him grinning against his thigh.

Jack raised himself from the bed and removed his own clothing. Will made a slight noise at his absence. Jack bent over Will, placing his hands on either side of Will’s torso and his knees between Will’s, lowering himself so that he could lie directly atop the boy. Will tried to cry out, in disgust, in fear, in desire, Will could not tell, when Jack’s hardness touched his own. Will panicked and his breath became shallow.

Jack tried to soothe Will by directing his attention somewhere else, and so sucked on Will’s neck, just above the collar bone. It worked for a moment until, twitching as if in hysteria, Will bumped himself up against Jack and made himself afraid again. Jack growled in frustration. There was only so much a man could take! So, he rubbed himself against Will, twisting his hips about and grinding down on the frightened whelp.

Will gasped and took hold of Jack’s hair with his free hand. Will was unsure whether he was urging Jack on, or trying to pry him off, but Jack was not at all fazed. Jack curled his back with a low, breathy sound, and rubbed his belly on Will’s. Then, he undulated in the opposite direction, arching down over Will, pressing his groin forward and sucking on the column of Will’s throat. Unexpectedly, Jack pulled away from Will’s neck and slowed his movements. He raised his head to look Will in the eyes and Will was frightened of Jack again. Jack looked hungry, crazed, mad. Recognizing the fear, Jack softened his expression to the best of his ability and swayed his hips gently from side to side, reminding Will of the presence of his own arousal.

Will’s lips parted and his tongue was visible, slightly pink. His head lolled and his eyes closed. Jack kissed him with ardor, contorting wildly to bring as much of his body in contact with Will’s as possible. It felt to Will as if his tongue moved of its own volition. It traced Jack’s in teasing circles, yielding to him, dancing with him. Jack moaned, but it sounded not so much like pleasure than it did pain. He desperately needed release and Will knew it. He was paralyzed by the thought.

Letting his weight rest on one side of his body and a single arm, Jack reached between his body and Will’s. He lined his hardness up with Will’s and wrapped his hand around them both, as far as it would reach. Will shouted a noise like a great ‘AH!’ at the pressure and the friction against his aching flesh. Jack worked deftly and Will found himself incapable of self control.

“Aye! Jack!” Will shouted his surprised release and upon hearing such decadence, Jack, too let his orgasm flood through him.

Jack breathed heavily and allowed himself a few moments to regain his composure. He considered bending down to lick up the mess on Will’s belly, but thought better of it. The boy was frightened enough as it was. Jack released Will reluctantly and raised himself from the bed. He fumbled about in a wooden chest, finding a suitable piece of cloth to clean Will up with. Ignoring Will’s breathy trembling, which was remarkably alike the sound one makes after a sobbing fit, Jack cleaned the boy and covered him. Jack was keenly aware of Will watching him dress, but Will was soon overcome with shame and exhaustion and he turned his face away. He curled himself up under the blanket Jack provided and willed himself to sleep.

Jack listened to the even breathing, but knew from the tenseness of the body that Will was not asleep, though Jack thought he certainly should be. Jack was flooded with a startling feeling of tenderness. He sat on the bed near Will’s feet, unsure of how and whether to comfort the boy. Then, of course, Jack remembered he was a pirate and shook himself mentally. Take what you can; give nothin’ back. That was Jack’s motto. He knew better than to pity Will who had obviously enjoyed himself, albeit tentatively. Jack grinned to himself remembering the boy’s frantic writhing and shocked release. Not all treasure is silver and gold. Jack touched Will’s shoulder, trying to be comforting, but it made Will jump.

“Easy, luv,” Jack coaxed. “Now you know what I’m up to. I’m not going to hurt you.” Not yet, anyway. Jack knew he intended a few activities that would prove… Uncomfortable at best, at least the first few attempts. There was no sense in telling that to Will, though, as he was frightened enough as it were. It would be awfully trying to have Will rambling on about cannibalism for days on end. Will opened his eyes and stared into the dusk of the room, refusing to look at Jack. Not even Jack could decipher the look on his face.

Jack weighed his options. Will would not be easily coerced to let Jack touch him again, most likely, as he was firmly set upon being proper, even when the situation clearly called for improper measures. If Jack let him loose, he might lay there comatose, or he might attack Jack. Or he might simply pretend nothing had happened, help Jack to bring his ship to port in Tortuga and depart without another word. None of these things seemed very appealing to Jack, but he didn’t want to have Will sitting there like a caged beast all the time, either. If Jack left the chain on Will, he would never trust Jack. So, he decided to consult Will on the matter, probe his options a little further.

“If I let you go, Will, you’ve got to promise me that you’ll get some sleep. I want you to stay here and get recovered.” Will made no move.
“Will…” Jack reached out and smoothed Will’s ruffled hair. Will turned to him, face ashen gray, eyes burning with something terrible, mouth twisted in a contortion of confusion, rage and internal conflict, muscles fixed decidedly against any assault Jack might spring on him. Again Jack felt the pangs of affection that were so foreign to him.
“What about some food then?” A strained pause. “I know just the thing. I’ll be back with some grog, quicker than you can say ‘Jack Sparrow.’”
“Jack Sparrow,” Will muttered. Jack chuckled. “Jack Sparrow…” Will let the name roll off his tongue again, louder this time and with more confidence. He was testing it for something… Perhaps his own emotional response to the sound of it, the motion of the words in his mouth.
“Jack Sparrow,” Will repeated cautiously, “Jack Sparrow, what have you just done to me?”
“Nothing you seemed to find terribly objectionable, it seems. So, how about we splice the mainbrace?” Will nodded. He’d be grateful to change his state of mind to anything but this dreadful knot in his head, not to mention his belly. Jack jolted up and walked his curious walk out of the room. Will listened to the footsteps and then the silence, which he found comforting, but Jack returned immediately with a large stoppered bottle and two grog mugs.

Jack poured himself a drink, and downed it greedily in a few gulps. Then he poured himself another drink, and one for Will. He looked over and realized Will was still curled up. He stoppered the bottle, placed it on the floor along with the mugs and proceeded to heave Will up against the headboard, propping him up with the sack that served as his pillow. He put the mug into Will’s hand and Will gripped it reluctantly. Jack’s lips curled up in his most piratey smile, he twisted one side of his beard and he lifted his cup to toast. With a flash of golden tooth he clicked his mug against Will’s.

“To the Turners!” He bellowed, “finest blood on the seven seas!” Jack drained his cup again and Will looked distastefully into his mug. He made up his mind to drink it quickly and grimaced as the bitter liquid slid down his throat. He choked back a cough and drank. Jack was pleased to see the boy drink heartily and he refilled their cups.
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