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Jack’s Treachery: III. Grog Blossom

Title: Jack’s Treachery
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow / Will Turner (FPS)
Warnings: violence, non-con
Summary: Jack captures Will on the Black Pearl with a little help from Barbossa’s men to cover up his lascivious intents.
Disclaimer: At no point do I claim any form of ownership of any of the characters depicted in this piece. My representations of them are not necessarily indicative of the intentions of their original creators. The plot in which I place these characters holds no relationship to their original context. I make no profit from borrowed characters. Don’t sue me.
Word Count: This Chapter: 3,882 [Total: 15,489]
Notes: This story is assumed to take place sometime after Will and Jack commandeer the Interceptor, but before Will knows about the curse. Elizabeth is carried by Barbossa’s crew from the Pearl to the Interceptor after the Interceptor is captured and the Pearl returned to Jack as per their exchange. Will and Jack never arrive in Tortuga. Think of it as an alternate ending, if you will.

[Part I] [Part II]

III. Grog Blossom

Will felt his face flush with blood. He’d drank more grog than he ever had before and was terribly drunk. Jack was laughing warmly, telling some absurd story of his conquests. Will had given himself over and laughed a few times, too, in spite of himself. He fought against the temptation to let his guard down around Jack again. Jack seemed so much back to his normal self, though, that Will sometimes forgot about what had happened… And then his mind drifted back toward the feeling of Jack’s lips on his skin, Jack’s tongue on his…

“You’re not listening.” Jack observed. “I thought you liked that story. I’ll have to get some new ones.” He put his hand on Will’s shoulder. Jack was testing the waters.
“Too drunk are, you?” Will didn’t really know what the right answer was, so he just sat rather numbly.
“I’m not sure.”
“Hmm…” Jack moved a bit closer, feigning interest in Will’s health as affected by the grog. He touched Will’s cheek, frowning critically, pretending to examine him for something. Will watched Jack’s expression and frowned back. And then Jack tucked a bit of hair behind Will’s ear again and they were both quite nervous.

Will thought about the day. He felt terribly guilty being drunk and almost relaxed on the Pearl with Jack after Elizabeth was purportedly being brought home by Barbossa in exchange for a bit of Will’s blood. It seemed insane and he feared for her safety, yet there was something in Jack’s tone that suggested Jack believed it to be true and that gave Will a measure of comfort. He thought about Jack touching him in the cabin. Will had come to completion under Jack’s hands and he hated the thought of it. Will was disgusted with himself, but he was curious about Jack. He wanted to know what had happened, wanted to understand, wanted to feel him again. Will was terribly confused, but he didn’t move away when Jack came closer to Will’s face.

Will concentrated on Jack’s breath. It was hot on his face and it smelled of the grog they’d been drinking all evening. But Jack smelled of other things, too. Jack smelled of his own sweat. Not sweat that was foul and stressful, but the sweat of tension and release in the sleeping quarters. He smelled of spice and musk and, well… Jack. It was certainly a strong smell, but it wasn’t a bad one. Will found he rather liked it and he breathed deeply.

Jack watched Will close his eyes and inhale. It was too much to bear. Jack eased the hand by Will’s ear to the back of his neck and pulled his face forward. Will let Jack kiss him for a moment and then he panicked, stumbling to get up from the long table. Will very nearly fell, but Jack shot up and caught him.

“Almost took a spill there, lad. You’ve got the grog blossoms and you’d be much better off laying down for a while.” Jack hoisted one of Will’s arms over his wiry shoulders. Will wondered if the blush Jack mentioned was really from the grog or more from the kiss. He was embarrassed and frightened as Jack tossed open the door to the Captain’s quarters once again and guided Will to the bed. At Jack’s urging, Will sat with a graceless plop, but when he felt the bed he was grateful. He laid down and immediately felt relieved.

Jack sat at the corner of the bed. Will was out of his head. Jack knew he’d be able to do what he wanted with the boy, but his emotions confused him. He sat and watched Will become more at ease, rocking gently with the motion of the Pearl. Jack thought about his situation. He was a pirate, a famed one at that. And what were pirates famous for? Why, looting, pillaging, raping and of course, in Jack’s case, being fabulous. Looting and pillaging and being fabulous came naturally to Jack, but he’d never really taken advantage of someone… Not in a sexual manner, anyway. But why should he not? The boy would probably never let him do all he wanted unless a directed by a firm and practiced hand. Will had certainly enjoyed Jack’s hand enough. He could grow accustomed to Jack’s other exploits.

Jack gave up his musings. He was a man of action, not thought. He got up from the bed, being careful not to wake Will who had begun to snore while Jack was contemplating his strategy. Jack rummaged through the wooden chests in the room, and walked back to the bed, brandishing several sturdy leather belts. He moved slowly and quietly, taking off Will’s boots, his pants and tunic. Will hardly stirred, he was so drunken, and Jack marveled at his own cleverness before continuing. He looped one belt about a bit of the headboard and tugged it taught before tightening it around Will’s wrist. He performed the same treatment on Will’s other wrist on the other side of the bed before attempting to touch Will in any other way.

Jack stood back a moment and watched Will’s chest move in a slow and steady rhythm. His mouth hung open a bit and tempted Jack enormously. There was scarcely a part of Will’s body that didn’t glow with the olive color of his tan in the present candlelight. His skin was moist with the sweat of grog blossom flush. Jack closed his eyes and tilted his head back in anticipation. He sauntered to the other side of the room where the ceiling sagged a bit and examined a few boards. He touched one and it swung down, revealing a small compartment between beams. Jack reached up and took down a bottle, swinging the trap door shut again, and walked back to the bed. The sea was calm this night, in sharp contrast to Jack’s rising tide of arousal, and he didn’t feel he needed to worry that the bottle would be tossed. So, he was able to place it conveniently on the shelf by the bed. It was the finest oil he had, only for use on special occasions and Jack figured this was a very special occasion, indeed.

Jack removed his jacket, belt and sash and pulled his shirt over his head, beads clinking discordantly in the quiet of the empty ship. He stumbled a bit removing his boots, realizing he’d lost track of how much grog he’d drank. For a moment he was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to go through with his plan for having had so much to drink, but just thinking of the plan made him strain uncomfortably against his pants. He sighed appreciatively as he removed the rest of his clothing. Yes, it was a very good plan. Jack praised himself inwardly.

Jack put a knee up onto the bed, gingerly avoiding any dangerous body parts that might fly up suddenly and destroy his evening. He was less careful about waking Will as he positioned himself, realizing he had not included in his plan precisely how he was going to begin the endeavor. Jack leaned forward, holding himself parallel to Will and attached his lips to the side of Will’s neck which was fortuitously exposed. Will stirred but didn’t wake, so Jack sucked the skin. He was gentle at first, but Will was too far gone. Jack decided to mark Will but at the slight pinch of suction as his skin bloomed quite red and Jack began to pull away, Will’s eyes flew open.

“Ouch! Jack! What are you doing?!” Will gasped.
“Givin’ you a grog blossom that’ll last longer than an evening,” Jack whispered. He ran his tongue over the tender spot to soothe it. Will’s head fell back against the mattress. Will didn’t understand what Jack was talking about and he was too drunk to care. He was too drunk to try to fight Jack, so long as all Jack was doing was licking him. In fact, he was too drunk even to tell himself that he didn’t enjoy Jack’s tongue. In this state, he quite liked it. Will let his head loll to one side and he tried to move his hand onto Jack’s back. Opening his eyes in confusion he saw that he’d been tethered to the bed with a belt. He tested his other arm and the effect was the same. The leather was stiff and coarse, textured by use at sea. It was distressing against his soft skin. He tested its strength and knew he couldn’t budge the fastening.

“Jack, why am I bound? What are you going to do to me?” Will blurted his fear without shame, too inebriated to disguise it any.
“Something I think you’ll grow to enjoy,” Jack growled with a stylish little tilt of the head. His voice sounded unusually deep and harsh and threatening. Jack kissed Will and Will once again mused at how agreeable Jack’s tongue felt. Will stiffened a bit involuntarily and felt the sparse, wiry hairs of Jack’s leg rub against his inner thigh. Will realized his britches were gone and he swung his head up ineffectively. Lo, there he was laying naked on the bed beneath Jack, who was also quite bare.

Jack busied himself with his mouth at Will’s shoulder, licking the sweat from his skin and Will continued to examine the sight of Jack’s exposed body. Jack was bony and thin, sinewy, lacking the sort of baby fat that Will still had. His skin was patched with scars and bruises, new scrapes and old tattoos. Jack’s figure looked carved from stone, each muscle and bone stridently defined, skin stretched taught and smooth with the exception of the papery white of scars almost iridescent in the candlelight. Only the tiny creases of his face had ever revealed his age, as there was no trace of anything but vigor in his form. Jack had not been badly weathered by the harsh life he lead. Will looked carefully at the thatch of thick, black hair surrounding Jack’s…

That was certainly interesting. Will hadn’t expected it to be the same as his own. Well, had he really expected anything about it? Probably not. Even if he hadn’t expected it and didn’t think all men’s bodies were the same, Will was a bit startled by the difference. Will had never seen a naked body except his own, but what explained the unusual skin about Jack’s? And then it dawned on him. Will was circumcised. Jack must not be. Will squinted. He was glad his own wasn’t so ugly. Although, he wondered how much the difference in size would impact his performance with a woman. The difference wasn’t profound, but Jack was a bit wider than Will, and perhaps a bit longer. Will imagined Jack had been with many women. He wondered if Jack had also been with many men. Will’s head fell back with a thud and he released a soft moan. Jack stopped his constant licking and Will felt Jack’s hair touch his chest. Jack’s beads jingled as he looked down to check the progress of Will’s arousal.

“Ol’ Jack’s not so bad after all, aye?” Will breathed quickly and deeply through his mouth at Jack’s words.
“Now, I won’t have you spilling yourself all over the place too soon. So, belay your moanin’ and wrigglin’ for a minute and get yourself acquainted with me hand.” Will nodded hastily. He braced for impact and Jack sat back so as not to over excite the poor boy. He ran a hand up Will’s thigh and Will noticed the texture of Jack’s rings. It was so strange to see a man with so much jewelry, so much decoration, but he found it strangely appealing, especially against his heated skin.

Jack’s hand made its way to Will’s hip and he rested the other on the opposite hip. Will tensed and closed his eyes. Jack was teasingly near to touching him. Will flushed so hot, he thought he might catch the bed on fire. Jack grinned wickedly and ran his thin fingers through Will’s brown curls. He was tempted to lick the bead of moisture at Will’s tip, but he thought better of it. Will was getting acquainted with Jack’s hand. He had all the time in the world for the rest. Instead he slowly moved his hands until they wrapped around Will’s breadth. Jack thought Will’s shape was really quite lovely and he mulled this over in his mind, considering its repercussions, as he moved his hands rhythmically, but calmly. He was giving Will time to find self control. He didn’t want the boy spent and unconscious for the grand finale.

Will flexed the muscles of his lower body, pushing up at Jack’s hands. He had ceased altogether to be concerned with dignity or decency. He ached terribly and found that Jack’s hands on him were tenfold more exciting than his own had ever been. Jack saw Will becoming more frantic and made little hushing sounds, reminding Will to take his time. Will tried to obey, and succeeded to a degree, but could not divert his attention away from the feeling of Jack’s hands. The callous there was divine against his sensitive skin. Then, Jack let go with one hand. Will gave a little whine of protest and Jack was startled at how obviously needy it was. Will felt his wrist being moved and Jack was at the fastening of the belt with his fingers.

“I know it’s difficult for you, but try not to do anything stupid. If you promise me you won’t, then I’ll let your arm loose.”
“I promise,” Will breathed. Jack flicked open the belt and slid Will’s wrist free. Will began to move his hand toward the bound one, but Jack was quicker. He grabbed Will’s arm harshly and held it still.
“Nothing stupid, Will. Leave the other side bound.” Will grunted his assent.

Jack released Will’s arm and kissed him fiercely, one hand still wrapped firmly around Will, pulling and pushing deftly. Will’s free hand flew down into Jack’s hair. The texture was strange and unfamiliar. He held Jack’s head, forcing their lips together with more force. Will’s hips rose and fell lightly and he broke away panting. He laid there feeling feverish and dizzy, and ran his hand down Jack’s back. He was surprised at the smoothness and he ran his hand around to Jack’s chest, which was also smooth. Will passed his thumb over Jack’s nipple, experimentally, and Jack squeezed harder. Jack grunted and kissed Will again. Will thought that if he touched Jack and Jack liked it, he would respond with yet more enthusiasm. So, Will tried it.

He moved the hand down from Jack’s chest, over his belly and down to the hair of Jack’s groin. Jack shifted towards Will’s hand, bumping the tentative fingers into the base of his cock. Will was too scared and he couldn’t make his hand move. Jack took his hand from Will and guided Will’s hand around himself. When Jack put his hand back to its previous task, Will squeezed. Jack growled, rocking forward and back, encouraging Will to keep going. Jack’s head sagged backward and he made breathy sounds of gratitude at being touched.

Jack knew neither of them would last this way, though, and he eased up, sliding away from Will’s hand. Jack reached toward the shelf bumbling about until he found his bottle of oil. He worked the cap off with the fingers of one hand and placed it beside the bottle. Jack sat between Will’s legs and pulled them up, bending them at the knees letting Will’s feet rest on the bed. Jack dipped a finger into the bottle of oil and wiggled it, making sure to get plenty and then returned to between Will’s legs.

Jack licked the crease of Will’s thigh where it joined to his torso. He rubbed his nose in the hairs and lifted his face to lick Will. Will gasped and jumped, making Jack quite glad he hadn’t taken the boy into his mouth. Jack held Will’s hip down with the un-oiled hand. The oiled hand waited until Jack had teased Will nearly to his peak and then he placed the finger behind Will.

Will didn’t seem to notice the presence of Jack’s finger resting there, as Jack’s mouth was still working on him, but Will gave a little yelp when Jack applied some pressure, sinking the digit in to the first knuckle. Even without Will’s permission, it slid with relative ease. Jack kept pace with his mouth, wriggled his finger slightly and then removed the hand to get more oil. Will was relieved when Jack removed his hand, but extremely distressed when it returned, not pressing this time, but making slow circles of wetness. Will’s free hand moved quickly to pull Jack away, though Will’s throat seemed unable to give him voice. Jack grabbed Will’s wrist and held it down to the bed. Will struggled, but couldn’t get out of Jack’s grip. Jack’s frame was smaller than Will’s and Will had thought himself the stronger of the two, being a blacksmith, but Jack overpowered him easily.

“Jack, that’s… Don’t… No, Jack!” Will wriggled, but didn’t get terribly far. Jack used his oiled hand on Will’s length again, the oil feeling even more marvelous than Jack’s hand alone had. The slickness overwhelmed Will for a moment and Jack spoke.
“If you won’t be lettin’ me show you the ropes, then I’ll be doin’ the rest without giving you the benefit of warning.” Jack nudged Will’s thigh with the head of his cock and Will gasped.
“You intend to –”
“Hush. I’ll be quite gentle, savvy?” Will’s mouth went dry and he struggled to swallow. He scrunched his face up and vowed not to open his eyes until it was all over. Jack nodded and got back to his earlier position.

Will’s hardness barely wavered and Jack put more oil onto his fingers. He told Will to relax because otherwise it would hurt, which perhaps didn’t help Will to relax very much, at all. Jack pushed his finger into Will again, further than the first time. Will held his breath, but didn’t move. He felt exposed and frightened and… uncomfortable. And then Jack crooked his finger. Will jumped forward and then pushed back, pressing hard against Jack’s finger.

“Mother of God!” Will bellowed. He fell back with a thud and shuddered. “What in all…” Jack lifted his head from Will’s groin and chuckled.
“Pirates know these things.” Jack offered no further explanation, but was quite still, waiting for Will to calm a bit.
“Did they teach you that in Singapore?” Will was panting.
“Where’d you find out I was in Singapore?” Jack queried.
“Elizabeth…” Will breathed, and the sound of her name almost brought Will back to reality, but Jack laughed heartily and ran his finger over the spot again.

Will made a high-pitched noise. His whole body seemed to light up like stirred coals and Jack’s hand was feeding the fire like a bellows. Jack’s finger kept working its magic, and Will found himself letting his muscles relax. Jack felt Will slacken and removed his finger, dipping two into the oil this time and sliding them both in. Will noticed he felt more full, but he wasn’t in pain. He was far too excited, beyond the point of even being capable of noticing minor discomfort.

Jack’s fingers made scissor-like movements, brushing the sensitive spot alternately with each pass of a finger. Will writhed and groaned and arched his back, and Jack eventually was able to add a third finger. The third finger, however, was too much for Jack and didn’t last very long. Kneeling half upright, Jack used his free hand to turn Will over. Jack would’ve loved to see Will’s face contort in surprise and pain and then pleasure, but it would have been too difficult for the whelp from that angle.

Will didn’t think about why Jack was flipping him about, he just lay waiting for whatever indecently delicious thing Jack would do to him next. There was a pause and Will heard Jack moan. Jack had oiled his other hand and was running it slickly over himself, he had moaned in frustration. He’d been ignoring himself while he was getting Will ready. Jack returned his fingers to Will, making sure to keep the boy supple and relaxed, stroking the tiny spot that made Will writhe and curse.

Deciding Will had been given more than enough time to adjust, Jack removed his fingers and placed both hands on Will’s rump. He used his hands to move the soft flesh and gain better access, leaning forward. Jack nudged Will with his cock and the boy jumped a bit. Jack pushed slowly and Will let out a strangled cry.

“God, Jack, stop!” There was no reply. Jack waited, knowing they both needed a few moments to relax.
“Get off me, you monster!” Will howled.
“Nothing stupid, now, whelp. Try to relax.” Will swung his hand around to move Jack, but Jack blocked him. He grabbed the flailing arm and twisted it up behind Will’s back, threatening to snap something if he pushed much harder.

Jack angled his hips and pushed a bit further, hitting the spot again. If Will had gone slack, he was not slack after that. He shouted a string of foul language that could have made a knave blush, had Jack Sparrow not been the only knave around to hear. Jack didn’t blush, though, he picked up the bottle of oil and poured a little onto himself before sliding in to the hilt. Jack was familiar with such language and he often used it himself, especially within these quarters.

The feeling of being within Will, however, was too extraordinary to be tolerated for long. The pressure was just shy of excruciating and the heat was preternatural. Jack pushed at Will, aiming for the spot that would send him reeling, but paying no further heed to the boy. He held Will’s free arm down forcefully and breathed hotly onto Will’s upper back, the fingers of his other hand digging almost painfully into Will’s hip, pulling him firmly against Jack with every staccato thrust. Will yelped and cried out for mercy more than once, but it only served to excite Jack more. So, Will crushed his groin into the bed, wriggling under Jack and succumbing to the intensity of Jack’s presence within him. As Will neared his release, he felt a pang of guilt and disgust.

“No, please, Jack. No more. Please, Jack…” But the more he begged Jack to stop, the harder Jack pushed. He growled like an animal, deep in his throat, pushing Will’s face and shoulders down onto the bed to keep him from bolting. Jack’s body tensed and slackened. Each of Jack’s movements rubbed against the new-found spot and Will could no longer help himself. Will’s orgasm overcame him and the spasms of his muscles sent Jack screaming into oblivion. With a mighty roar, Jack gave a final heave of his body and collapsed. Jack could see Will’s reddened face over the heaving shoulder. Definitely not just grog blossoms.
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