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The Afterglow

Title: The Afterglow
Rating: Overall NC-17
Pairing: Jack Sparrow / James Norrington, Jack Sparrow / Will Turner, side pairings (FPS)
Warnings: violence, character death
Summary: Let there be insane soap opera plot twists from hell. And buggery. Lots of it. This story resumes after the ending of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.
Disclaimer: At no point do I claim any form of ownership of any of the characters depicted in this piece. My representations of them are not necessarily indicative of the intentions of their original creators. The plot in which I place these characters holds no relationship to their original context. I make no profit from borrowed characters. Don’t sue me.
Word Count: 18,000+ total

0. Prologue

Will’s marriage to Elizabeth had been blissful for the first several months. Jack had sailed away on The Pearl to whatever weird escapades awaited him. Norrington had given chase but failed to apprehend him, and whether out of conscience or incompetence, Will didn’t dare to discuss it. Will and Elizabeth had spent a joyful honeymoon doing all the silly things that new couples do. And then, out of the clear blue, Elizabeth had become strange and distant. She blamed it on Will, and he considered that his mind had indeed been idle, but something wasn’t right with her no matter how absent-minded he had been.

Will gave thought to whether it was a matter of coyness. Both he and Elizabeth were rather pious and cared little for sharing the bed apart from kisses and caresses. Will was especially sensitive of Elizabeth’s shyness and tried always to mind her boundaries, no matter how broad. In fact, he felt little desire on most evenings, regardless. He valued his innocence as much as she. But then it occurred to Will that perhaps he had been too coy with Elizabeth. He tried his best to let her know that she was not neglected, but to no avail. She rejected his advances consistently.

Will let the matter drop and turned his attentions to other matters. He worked constantly at his smithy, graciously taking the business when the master retired. He busied himself doing all that he could to provide Elizabeth with a proper house and all the things she wanted, without borrowing the money from her family. This, Will decided, must be the source of the problem. Elizabeth longed for the comforts she’d had at her family home, but she also longed for his company throughout the day. In trying to occupy her time, she eventually found her way back to the more leisurely social circles in Port Royal and began a rather controversial courtship with Commodore Norrington.

Talk had been about the town that Elizabeth was growing tired with her new marriage, but Will refused to hear it. He convinced himself that he was a lucky and prosperous man with a good business and a good wife. Yet, over time, Elizabeth was gone more and more frequently from their home when he returned from his day’s work. When he confronted her, she was vague, but he had no evidence of her infidelity and could accuse her of nothing but absence.

Laying awake in bed one evening, tired and sore from a hard day’s work, he turned his mind to Elizabeth. She’d gone to a small party that evening, with Norrington and some other friends of her father. Will had been invited, of course, as was polite, but he always felt out of place at such functions. Besides, he was tired. He told himself that he needed the time to rest. Will was perturbed that Elizabeth had gone without him, but somehow he could not commit himself to being entirely angry about it. He cared for Elizabeth very much and valued her happiness above his own. She’d saved his life more than once, been his best friend, shared his bed. How could he not? His troubling lack of anger, however, stemmed from something more complicated than a simple love of his new and beautiful wife.

In spite of all his efforts, he felt no desire to remain at home, either. Not just in the house – Will wanted to leave Port Royal altogether. Ever since he had tasted the salty air of the open sea with Jack, he longed for travel and adventure and other things he knew were immoral and hopeless. With Elizabeth at home, he could never allow himself to succumb to a life of vice and piracy. He was not angry with Elizabeth for being absent because he was angry with himself for longing to do as he pleased as much as she did. He allowed himself to realize that he was secretly happy Elizabeth had found another way to occupy herself because it left him a window of opportunity to slip away without breaking her heart. If Elizabeth fell in love with Norrington, Will could leave Port Royal without a stitch of guilt. His last tie would be severed and he could be free. Like a bird… A sparrow, even.

His thoughts turned to Jack. Where was Jack? What did he do after he’d gotten back his Pearl? Was he safe? Did he miss Will as much as Will missed him? Wait… did Will miss Jack? He wasn’t entirely sure. When put so plainly, it seemed absurd. He’d hardly known Jack and in that time, Jack had done little to really endear him in any permanent sense to Will. Yet… the pull to find Jack was undeniable. Will wanted the wind in his hair and Jack in his arms. Er… well… Jack in his peripheral vision. That was more like it.

Will rolled over and began to doze. He could think of how to find Jack in the morning. And then Elizabeth slipped into the room. Quietly, she changed from her fancy dress into her night clothes and slipped into the bed beside Will. Clearly, she thought him to be fast asleep, already, and she tried not to disturb him. Will was very nearly asleep, though, when he thought he heard Elizabeth give a little sniffle. What in the world would make her cry?

Chapter Navigation: [0. Prologue] [I. Introduction] [II. Strange Encounters] [III. Odd Couple] [IV. Please] V. A New Plan] [VI. Blacksmith’s Passion] [VII. Escape] [VIII. Hell Hath No Fury] [IX. Welcome Home] [X. News] [XI. Massacre at Port Royal]
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