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Will's Place

Title: Will's Place
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack Sparrow / Will Turner / James Norrington (FPS)
Warnings: none
Summary: Piratey smut with no plot to speak of. Quick and dirty. - just the way you like it.
Disclaimer: At no point do I claim any form of ownership of any of the characters depicted in this piece. My representations of them are not necessarily indicative of the intentions of their original creators. The plot in which I place these characters holds no relationship to their original context. I make no profit from borrowed characters. Don’t sue me.
Word Count: 3,843

“You forget your place, Turner,” Norrington said with malice in his voice. His eyes glinted darkly in the candle light.
“It’s right here,” Will said stoutly, “between you and Jack.”
Norrington pursed his lips and there was a momentary silence. Jack’s eyes darted back and forth between the pair, trying to discern the Commodore’s intentions. His thoughts were interrupted by the low rumble of Norrington’s voice.
“And you expect me to let this man free on your confidence in him, Mr. Turner?”
“I will fight you if you do not,” Will spat.
Another long moment passed while Jack watched. Something highly unusual was going on. Jack could tell by the look that had come over Norrington’s face.
“I do not wish to fight you, Mr. Turner, but I believe that I will have to hold you to your former assertion,” Norrington hissed.
“My assertion?” Will asked cautiously.
“Your assertion,” Norrington stepped close and spoke directly into Will’s ear, “that your place lies between me and Jack.”

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