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Slashers Unite!

we are enthusiastic about anal penetration!! >.<

Random Fandom Slashfest
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The name says it all! This is a community for lovers of slash (boy/boy action). All types are accepted (be creative! Scare people!) but our main focuses are on Pirates of the Caribbean, (Jack/Will in particular) RPS (real person slash) LotR, and Troy. It is a place to share fanfiction, fan art, links, and just general conversation about man love XD No restrictions apply as far as the ratings of fan art/fiction go (anywhere from G to NC-17 is accepted) so don't be shy about posting your own creations, or something you found surfing google at four in the morning ;) All I ask is that we be civil to one another. Flames will be deleted, so if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Go take your frustration out on the poor kids over at ff.net :P