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Jack’s Treachery: I. A Sour Deal

Title: Jack’s Treachery
Rating: This Chapter: PG-13 [Overall: NC-17]
Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow / Will Turner
Warnings: violence, non-con
Summary: Jack captures Will on the Black Pearl with a little help from Barbossa’s men to cover up his lascivious intents.
Disclaimer: At no point do I claim any form of ownership of any of the characters depicted in this piece. My representations of them are not necessarily indicative of the intentions of their original creators. The plot in which I place these characters holds no relationship to their original context. I make no profit from borrowed characters. Don’t sue me.
Word Count: This Chapter: 2,483 [Total: 15,489]
Notes: This story is assumed to take place sometime after Will and Jack commandeer the Interceptor, but before Will knows about the curse. Elizabeth is carried by Barbossa’s crew from the Pearl to the Interceptor after the Interceptor is captured and the Pearl returned to Jack as per their exchange. Will and Jack never arrive in Tortuga. Think of it as an alternate ending, if you will.
[This is the first chapter. There are four more, to be posted as my journal gets going.]
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I. A Sour Deal

Jack produced a large gold coin from his pocket, which Will recognized as his father’s medallion. He struggled vainly against the ropes bonding him to the main mast, but could not free himself. Jack flicked the coin over his fingers before removing a small dagger from his belt. Swaggering right up to Will, Jack cut a tiny nick over the boy’s cheekbone. A small trickle of blood swelled from it immediately and Will jerked his head away, making muffled noises of protest through his gag. Jack touched the coin to Will’s face, smearing a bit of blood on it. Jack dropped the coin into a tiny pouch and tossed it to Barbossa, winking at him lavishly. Jack spun on his heel and faced Will, who was wide-eyed and red-faced.

“Avast, men!” Barbossa shouted over his shoulder. He tucked the pouch with the coin into his tunic. “To the ship!” At that, Barbossa’s men heaved their booty over their shoulders and began to leave. Will looked frantically at Jack, desperately seeking some sign of compassion, some explanation. The gangplank was pulled across to the Interceptor behind Barbossa’s men and their captive, leaving Will and Jack alone on the Pearl. The Interceptor began to pull away slowly, gliding as gracefully as ever under the careful hands of the most infamous pirates of the sea. Will watched it go. He was dreadfully outraged and confused. What in the world was Jack doing? Jack caught the look of desperation in Will’s frantic expression.

“Don’t worry about your bonnie lass. I’ve made a fine deal with Barbossa to make sure she’s good and safe. And I’ll be sure to keelhaul the old monster if he goes back on his word. That is, after the curse is lifted.” Will furrowed his brow and did his best to look unthreatening. He wanted Jack to remove the gag. Jack, of course, had seen enough men in gags to know that look, but he fell for it anyway. Jack bent Will’s head forward, and untied the knot carefully to avoid catching any pieces of Will’s lovely hair.

“What’s this curse bilge?” Will snapped, testily, forgetting for a moment what he really wanted to know about Jack’s plans. Jack smiled at him.
“Bilge, eh? You’re starting to sound more like a pirate everyday.” Will just glared at him and Jack came back to attention.
“Aye, the curse,” Jack mused, tugging a beaded beard braid. “Many years ago, Barbossa and his men, your father included, stole the cursed blood-gold of Cortez. They’re undead men until the curse is lifted by returning to Cortez the blood and gold that are owed. The only blood they lack is your father’s – yours, and the only coin his, too. I had what the crew wanted, so I made Barbossa a deal, savvy? A bit of your blood on that last coin in exchange for me ship, me first mate, and disposal of the Interceptor… Excepting Miss Swann, of course. She’ll be returned home untouched. And Barbossa’s crew get their lives back. A fine deal if you ask me.” Jack paused to watch Will’s reaction.

Will didn’t know what to think. He knew Jack said his father had crewed with Barbossa, but could he really allow himself to believe that the very same crew were cursed? He didn’t even know if he believed in curses at all. Regardless, he certainly didn’t understand why he had to be separated from Elizabeth. Surely Jack could’ve sailed with a woman onboard. That would be a ridiculous superstition for someone as reckless as Jack to follow. And moreover, he was absolutely seething about being tied to the mast. Will strained yet again, trying to free himself.

“But, Jack, what about…?” Will looked down at himself sheepishly. He hardly even knew how he’d managed to end up that way. In a swirl of raging emotions, trying to come to Elizabeth’s aid, he’d seemed to forget all his practice at the sword. They had been vastly outnumbered, he and Jack, but under any other circumstances Will felt they could’ve fought back the offense of the whole savage crew. And here he was, tied to the mast, while Jack just stared at him because he’d been too much of a child to fight like a man. Suddenly he was angry. He was angry that Barbossa had escaped with Elizabeth, angry that he’d been so clumsy… Angry that he couldn’t figure out what was going on in Jack’s bloody head. Will spat at Jack’s shoes, but missed when Jack moved his foot. Jack gave a little chuckle.

“Relax, Mr. Turner. I’ll turn you loose soon enough,” Jack cooed.
“Scallywag!” Will shouted, even though Jack was quite close to his face, now. Will continued to writhe and struggle, trying frenziedly to free a hand and swing at Jack’s jaw. Jack stood silently while Will tossed his shoulders to and fro, cursed and spat insults, waiting for him to tire. By the time Will had finished, Jack was just inches away. He could feel Will’s breath on his face, hot and strong. The ship rocked gently, but Will’s chest was heaving madly with the effort he’d expended trying to release himself from his bindings. Will ground his teeth. Jack waited, inwardly impatient, but outwardly calm and stony.

“Jack…” Will began. Jack licked his lips in anticipation. Will expulsed a great sigh and Jack felt the air rush to cool his moistened skin. Will felt beaten; his hopes were dashed. “What in the bloody hell are you doing? I helped you to commandeer the Interceptor so you could get your ship back and Elizabeth could be safe. We could’ve all sailed home on the Pearl. Do you trust me less than Barbossa? I demand to know what is going on!”

Jack gave a little tilt of his head and Will noticed that his entire set of expressions had changed from the daft but friendly pirate he thought he’d known well enough for a few days time. Will squinted and watched Jack critically. He set his jaw hard and determined to wait Jack out. He had to know what Jack was planning before he knew how he should react.

Jack watched Will tighten the muscles of his face. He loved a challenge, loved the determination in Will’s countenance. Suddenly, Jack straightened up his spine and looked Will squarely in both eyes, searching for chinks in the armor. Will faltered his stern look and the confusion and hurt shown through for just a moment. Jack smirked gratefully. He knew just how to proceed. Will caught the glint of Jack’s golden teeth and cringed. The teeth looked menacing. In fact, everything about Jack had become quite menacing, indeed. Suddenly, Will felt very frightened. He should’ve known better than to break his habit of avoiding familiarity with pirates. Regret seized him violently.

Jack swept his eyes over Will’s neck, down his tunic to his feet and back. Will knew he was being sized up, but he didn’t know for what. He’d heard pirates were cannibals. A shudder passed through his body at the thought of Jack roasting him on a big spicket. Jack watched the little shiver and was enormously proud of himself for proving so fearsome. He stepped one foot between Will’s to get a bit closer, bending lightly at the middle. Jack moved in near Will’s neck, inhaling deeply. Jack was convinced he could smell the fear on Will.

As any pirate would admit, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as the smell of fear on an inexperienced victim. It maddened Jack to a startling degree and he was unable to contain the urge to try to taste the fear as well. Beginning at Will’s chin, Jack ran his nose lightly up Will’s jaw, feeling the texture of stubble grown from several days at sea. And then he stuck out his tongue, running it down the side of Will’s neck. Will jumped and squirmed and writhed, but couldn’t get away from Jack.

Jack was extraordinarily thrilled. Will tasted of salt from sea and sweat… Sweat borne of hard work and relentless emotional turmoil, stunningly good. And fear. Jack fancied he could taste that, too, whether it was true or not. Will was trembling with fear, Jack hovering beside his neck. Will forgot to breathe because he was too busy trying to figure out if he tasted bad enough to avoid being eaten. Jack paid him no heed and ran the tip of his nose along Will’s jaw again and paused to breathe into Will’s ear.

Will had never been embraced by a woman in a sexual manner, but he thought this must be what it felt like. Jack’s movements were precise and cat-like. He seemed to be caressing Will. Will found it endlessly and torturously perverse that his only embrace would be like this, as Jack would surely make him into lunch before he ever escaped to break for the arms of a woman. Will let loose a shaky breath after having been holding it in for such a long time.

“What do you intend to do with me, Sparrow?” Will demanded harshly. He thought Jack must surely know by now that Will was in on his plans to cannibalize him. Will was expecting an honest answer. Jack was silent and Will spoke again, accusing him outright. “Damn it, Jack! Admit it! You’re going to eat me! Roast me over a spicket! Have me for lunch! Just admit it! You’re a cannibal!” Will shivered with rage.

“What am I going to do with you, Mr. Turner?” Jack repeated the question into Will’s ear rhetorically. He let his voice become raspy and harsh. “Why, I intend to eat you. Certainly, indeed. But it won’t be all you’re expecting.” Jack pulled away slightly. Will looked frantic, like a wild animal in a cage and Jack was painfully aroused by it. Lazily Jack returned his dagger to his belt, which made Will a bit more comfortable and allowed Jack to calm himself slightly, but the look in Jack’s eyes when he raised them again to Will’s dispelled any relief Will had felt before.

And then Jack was on him. Will fought savagely, as best he could while so tightly tied, afraid that Jack would tear him apart, eat him even before the cooking fire was lit. Jack had gotten a hold of Will’s bottom lip and was holding his head steady, but Jack wasn’t biting him. Will was stunned into stillness. Jack wasn’t biting him at all. In fact, Jack was kneading his lip gently. Will thought maybe Jack was testing it for the texture to see if he were ripe, but Jack kept at it. Then Jack began to loosen his grip on Will’s head. He did it slowly so that Will wouldn’t try to move and Will didn’t move. He just stood there, breathing heavily through his nose, muscles strained and jaw set. Jack used his long thumb and lithe palm on Will’s jaw, coaxing it to open. Will wouldn’t budge, so Jack grabbed him by the chin.

“Will, I’m pirate and I’ll be takin’ what I want from you. Now, open.” Will shook his head in denial of Jack’s demand and Jack used the hand on Will’s chin to force his mouth open slightly. Will made some rather silly noises with his mouth open like that, but Jack ignored him and went back to his task. Jack touched Will’s lips fleetingly with his tongue and Will flinched. Jack held Will’s chin firmly with the one hand and put his lips to Will’s. He was careful to make sure he had a good grip on Will before sticking out his tongue slightly, so Will wouldn’t try to take it off. Surprisingly, Will was too stunned to fight him.

Will wondered if pirates always embraced their prey before they consumed them. He wasn’t entirely sure he was being embraced, but he thought it certainly felt that way. Will thought of how friendly Jack had been with him and he felt a sense of nostalgia. He wanted to feel some sort of affection for the pirate when they had seemed comrades, but now he was mortified by what appeared to be Jack’s embrace. And even more unnerving than the nature of the embrace was that Jack kept at it. Will tried not to respond, though he at least once felt the desire to open his mouth wider and give Jack easier entry to his mouth. Will mused that no one had ever licked him before, but immediately he remembered that Jack was licking him because he fancied the taste of human flesh as an exotic delicacy of hell-worthy pirates, and Will was not able to enjoy the sensation. Eventually Jack pulled away.

“Are you playing dead, Mr. Turner?” Will blinked.
“I said- ”
“I heard what you said,” Will interrupted. “What do you expect, Jack? I put my trust in you and now you’re going to cannibalize me! Just get it over with!” Jack chuckled. Will was determined to die a noble death, even if it had to be at the hands of a knave. Will was unnerved by Jack’s amusement.
“What more do you want from me, Sparrow?!” Will fairly screamed. He was shaking all over, terrified, confused, heart-broken.
“I want you to respond to me, Mr. Turner.”

Jack placed his hands on Will’s middle as best he could over the rope. He swayed in, again, touching his lips to Will’s and Will finally understood that Jack was embracing him after all. Will pursed his lips shut. It was bad enough to be tasted as a meal, but worse yet to be tasted in such an indecent fashion. It was more than merely disgusting and primitive, it was vile, lewd, unchristian. Will made noises of objection through his closed lips and Jack sharply told him to shut up.

“It’s like I said, Will. I’m pirate and I’ll be takin’ what I want from you.” Will stared in silent defiance. “Look, Mr. Turner, I know you’ve got a lot of silly nonsense in your noggin about how matters of this nature work and I’m sure it’s terribly frightening an’ all that to have your notions shattered… But you’ve got to square with your pirate blood someday. Just let ol’ Jack show you the ropes and you’ll do fine, savvy?” Jack’s golden teeth flashed wickedly.

Will shook his head violently. He could never do such a filthy thing. So, Jack caught Will’s chin in his palm, again, this time aggressively. He wrenched Will’s jaw open and held it there, licked the backs of Will’s front teeth. Jack removed his tongue from Will’s mouth and let loose a feral growl. Will shivered with distaste and then he slumped against the ropes when Jack knocked him out with a quick blow to the side of the head.

To be continued...
Aint that a bitch?
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